money breakthrough in 28 days

Learn how to overcome your struggles and challenges

…and then use my proven system to experience transformation in all aspects of your life 

Here’s everything that’s included:

The Permanent “Karmic” Solution
The “Oscar-Winning” Life Script
The “Ultimate” Fear Buster
The Smart “Bypass” Rider
The Exceptional “Laser” Focuser
BONUS #1:  Karmic Challenges Seeking Closure
BONUS #2:  Activate Your Environmental Luck
BONUS #3:  Clear Your Money Resistance
BONUS #4:  Heal & Let Go
BONUS #5:  Tune Into Vision Frequency
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        I cleared up all the relationship challenges as Vigneswari Abraham made me understand that was first to be handled to clear up money blocks. Letting go of unwanted baggage has taken my life to a different plane.

        Anitha Ramakrishnan


        In 40 days, the whole perspective of my life has changed.  I have become more happier, more loving.   The challenges and problems I have no longer bother me.  The tools and techniques I learnt in the Money Breakthrough In 28 Days program help me stay calm, balanced, focused, worry free and happy.  Keep up the good work Vigneswari.

        Mazhar Unissa