relationship healing

Let go of anger, hurt, frustration, resentment in your relationships
...using the 28-Day Healing Method

have you ever wondered why people have relationship issues like fights, arguments and misunderstanding?  

Hi, my name is Vigneswari Abraham. From my own personal experience as well as having worked with hundreds of others, I have found that the root cause of relationship issues is unprocessed negative emotions like anger, hurt, resentment, frustration, guilt, shame, regret, hate, etc.,

Imagine a scenario where you are living in a bungalow and there is a store room next to the kitchen  ...and instead of throwing out the garbage generated in the house you have been collecting it in the store room for years now.  Sounds crazy, right?  Similarly, anger, hurt, resentment, frustration, guilt, shame, regret, hate, etc., are nothing but garbage - except the fact that it is stored inside a place more precious than your house - within you.  

Please take a minute to ponder over this question:
is it worth carrying all the anger, hurt, resentment, frustration, guilt, shame, hate and regret?

Please find below some examples of how healing and letting go has helped people

I am healing for my mom. Me and my mom had a big communication gap. This has been for years. This time I wanted to handle it for it's more than two months that we spoke after a misunderstanding. I full heartedly took up this 28 days of healing and completed 4 days with full commitment. First day my dad called me. Today my mom called me and asked me to come home for she wants to see me. Still I am in fantasy.
- Rupa

When I started healing, I got result on the 5th or 6th day. I had misunderstanding with my brothers and seperated and we were not speaking to each other but after this practice we united.
- Vijay

While I was working on my husband being disrespectful, halfway through I realized being with him or in the need for giving back( rebuttal) i had turned like him and been very disrespectful - led to a sense of self awareness and also a realization that it's not always their fault, we are wrong too but we turn our eyes blind to our flaws.
- Priya

I am observing so much shift from inside. All my thoughts are getting cleared. And feeling so much relaxed from inside. now I am thinking that I should have started this much before. So much peace from inside.
- Sundar

how can one release their anger, hurt, frustration, resentment, guilt, shame, hate, regret and heal themselves and heal their relationship with others?

In Relationship Healing workshop, I teach The 2-step 28-Day Healing Method to let go of negative emotions and heal your relationship with yourself and others.

Step One of The 28-Day Healing Method:  The Ultimate Emotion Liberator

The major root cause of relationship issues is unprocessed negative emotions from fights, arguments, misunderstanding and past experiences.  This step, The Ultimate Emotion Liberator, will help you to let go of the negative emotional garbage that is affecting you and your family members and start experiencing peace and harmony in your relationships.

Step Two of The 28-Day Healing Method: Heal Yourself

We all tend to be very critical and blame ourselves unnecessarily for many things. The second step of the 28-Day Healing Method will help you deal with the inner critic, heal your relationship with yourself and your family members so that you can experience more joy, love and happiness in your life.

Which relationships can you work on using The 28-Day Healing Method?

The relationships that one can heal to experience more love and happiness are spouse, in-laws, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, friends & relatives, especially people who hurt you.

How can healing help your family?

Having worked with people from different backgrounds, a repetitive pattern that I observed was that children tend to re-create the same relationship issues that parents have had. Healing yourself not only helps you but also creates an environment where everyone in the family is benefitted resulting in closer bonding and support. Healing yourself also breaks the repetitive relationship patterns and helps your children be free of the effects of your emotional baggage.

Will healing help you let go of your past wounds and hurt?

Yes! It will. The 28-Day Healing Method will help you realize that most of the past wounds and hurt that you carry is the root cause of your current challenges in terms of relationships, finances and health.

How will the 28-Day Healing Method help you personally and professionally?

A strained relationship is a major energy drainer. An argument that happened in the morning can keep you down and distracted the whole day, sometimes even weeks. The 28-Day Healing Method will help you deal with the issues in your relationships as they happen and also clear past wounds and hurt so that you can experience more love, peace and harmony in your personal relationships and also help you to excel in your professional life by creating supportive relationships with your colleagues/team members.

I love The 2-step 28-Day Healing Method because it helps me and hundreds of my clients have supportive and fulfilling relationships.

Like most people, I too had strained relationships and used to carry a lot of unsupportive negative emotions like anger, hurt, resentment and regret to the point it started affecting my happiness and that of my family members.  In fact, it was pointed out to me several times by various people.

That led me to a frantic search of tips and strategies to control my anger.  Did those tips and strategies work?  Yes, but only for a while until my next anger outburst, and this was a recurring pattern in my life affecting me and my family members.

Most of the time, I justified my anger and blamed my work stress and others for my anger.

Fast forward a few years not only have I let go of most of the unsupportive emotional garbage, I am also able to help others to do the same.

What did I do differently that made such a transformation possible?

Instead of expecting others to change I started working on myself using The 28-Day Healing Method.  It is gratifying to see so many of my clients benefitting by following The 28-Day Healing Method.

Day 7 healing done. Feels good and lighter. The good vibes are sensed in each area of life, I feel better. The bitterness is fading, I am more forgiving.
- Reema

When healing for relationship there is opening up of opportunity for my professional goal.
- Prabu

I want to take a minute here to appreciate the shifts I'm experiencing in this healing journey. Earlier i would be an angry woman to those who have hurt me in anyways. Nowadays I find myself helping them out without even getting disturbed. I found myself surprisingly calm in situations when my younger self wouldn't be so calm.
- Aishwarya

Day 15 done!! Happy to share that I can see shifts in my relationship I am working on. Thank you soo much VA for all your guidance and support!! Looking forward to heal my other relationships as well, after I am done with 28 days healing!! Thank you!!! - Ramani

Used the healing solution technique when I had an argument with my husband. Usually an argument of this nature would have blown up... but by evening when I reached home he was calm and greeted me with a smile...was relieved! - Jagrati

Today I had done the emotion liberator for my colleague as I was disturbed by her behaviour. After healing, I felt release of burden, compassion toward her and thanked her to be in my life. - Amar

I started healing and I really don't know how it started to work. I am feeling much lighter at heart. For past 3 days, I focused to let go of all my past and bad experiences and grudges with people. Though deeply hurt I was not having any kind of uncomfortableness, called people, asked for sorry and forgave them. This has given a calmness to my mind and made me to have a clear focus. - Shruthi A.

would you like to learn the 28-Day Healing Method to let go of all the anger, hurt,  frustration, resentment, guilt, shame, regret, hate, etc., - and instead start experiencing more happiness and love in your relationships?

Please find below details of the Relationship Healing workshop

Date:  January 7, 2023 (Saturday)
Time:  6 pm to 9 pm IST
Venue:  Online (Zoom)
Language:  English

Please choose a plan that is best for you

Relationship Healing is all about happiness

The 28-Day healing Method has given me and hundreds of my clients happiness.

And I want that for you too.